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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Okay so I have to say I am so late...... only just got into Blogs and considering I work in the fashion industry you would think that I would be a veteran but not the case. I decided to create a blog because I absolutely love beauty products and wanted to share my findings with the world.....YOU!!!!!. 
As a woman of colour and dark skinned I love experimenting with new colours, new brands and new innovations that create a beautiful picture (my face).

The best time in the morning for me, after thanking God for giving me YET another day to be a better person, is to look in the mirror and see a blank canvass (my face) and know that a beautiful picture will be created today. It’s a beautiful thing ladies!

So this blog is about my new findings: the classics, the newbies and the downright unnecessary.... you know the PRODUCTS that do absolutely nothing for you and in some cases cost a fortune. I will tell you the truth about my experience with these products and also offer tips on what works for me.
 So follow me on this beautiful journey and please share your findings and tips with me too....because EVELYN LOVES BEAUTY!!!!