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Friday, 13 July 2012

No no no Barry M

Okay I have got to be honest here. I LOVE Barry M nail paints,  Its is on trend with a great collection of colours and the price point. It is so affordable I could buy 5 at once ( okay maybe 3).

Anyway my point is it is with deepest regret that I have to report that whilst it is cheap, whilst it has lots of colours to choose from it is lacking in quality!

 I purchased Acid Yellow Nail paint recently and with the weather looking gloomy as ever I decided to use this bright colour. The results after 3 coats( not impressed) was spot on, bright, and summery. Now here is where the problem starts 4 days later I decided to take the nail polish off with my new Bourjois magic nail remover which is amazing by the way and noticed that my nails were stained.

My poor nails
Sorry my nails ARE still stained. I cannot believe that my nails are stained so as drastic as it may sound I will now refrain from using Barry M nail paints until further notice.

 A nail brand that never lets me down is OPI and so that's where my loyalty lies. Until next time xoeve


  1. We are waiting for you next product review!!!

  2. I heard of Bourjois magic nail remover, I know it works wonders! I'm a fan of OPI as well but I definitely need to explore more nail polish brands!